Why Was My Account Banned?

Some of you may have noticed that your account has been banned. There are a few reasons for this that I wanted to share:

  • You have poor grammar. If you do not use clear English in your articles they will be deleted. No one will read an article that is poorly written, and I do not want my site to be overrun with poorly written content. For those of you who are not native English speakers, please find someone who can proofread your articles before you submit them.
  • You have many different accounts at Ubscure. If you have more than 5 accounts at Ubscure it’s likely that i will find them and ban your accounts as well as your IP address. There is no need to have tons of different accounts. Some people have had over 60! This is a totally useless tactic that will likely get all of your articles deleted.
  • You submit 10 articles in 10 minutes. I know that some of you are very fast writers, but it’s nearly impossible for anyone to write a quality, unique 300 word article in 1 minute. If you’re submitting articles that quickly then my assumption is that you are using submission software or you are copying and pasting articles from some other place. Please don’t do that!

Those are the main reasons why accounts get banned. If you guys have any questions please leave a comment below and i’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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